Hudson Bay School

Hudson Bay School

Hudson Bay School

Ventilation Upgrade

New pre-K to grade 12 school with capacity for 400 students. Hudson Bay School is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated building. The design also includes a performance theatre, child-care centre, practical and applied arts wing and a student lounge.

Equipment Provided:

  • Venmar custom air handling unit
    • fan wall array
    • sensible and enthalpy heat wheels
  • Daikin Vision semi-custom air handling unit
  • Daikin Rebel roof top units
  • Daikin vertical fan coils
  • Daikin split AC cooling units
  • TWA chilled beams
  • Rittling force flows and unit heaters
  • Fulton Endura boilers
  • Taco pumps, expansion tanks and separators
  • Nexus flow control valves
  • Roth in-floor heating
  • Nailor Industries grilles, registers and diffusers
  • Loren Cook fans
  • Ventex Louvers


Hudson Bay, SK

Mechanical Consultant

HDA Engineering

Mechanical Contractor

Pow City Mechanical