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Year Round Fresh Air Requirement


High Efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation


All indoor spaces require the introduction of fresh outdoor air to replace the stale indoor air. It costs money to heat and cool this outdoor air The stale indoor air has already been heated or cooled


When the unit is OFF the dampers close which isolates the building from the outside air. When the unit is ON the 2 energy cores take turns either extracting energy from the exhaust air or adding energy to incoming outdoor air. The unit's controller automatically adjusts the internal damper positions every 60 seconds which changes which energy recovery core is recovering energy and which core is adding energy.


The Tempeff Solution: Extracts a consistent, high percentage of energy from the indoor air before it is exhausted outside. Up to 90% of the energy from the air being exhausted is extracted and added to the fresh outdoor air. This significantly reduces the amount of heating and cooling that needs to be used to temper the incoming air.

Notable Highlights

Indoor and Outdoor units

100 to 96,000 CFM

Manufactured right here in Canada specifically for our Canadian climate.

Traditional energy recovery methods offer a maximym efficiency of 50-75% under ideal conditions. Tempeff's DualCore design is capable of recoverin up to 90% of the total energy.

Heat wheels and heat exchangers suffer from frost accumulation which significantly reduces their efficiency. the TempEff DualCore design prevents frost from every forming and this ensures that the heat recovery process will always maintain the same high level of efficiency under all operating conditions.